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How to Start a Modeling Career?

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Hello Popteen Models,

How to start a modeling career? And maybe some advice to deal with anxiety or self esteem issues about starting out.

I'm a 21 year old female. I've had a lot of people tell me I should model, though I'm only 5'5. It's always been something that's constantly in the back of my mind. I try to think of other things I'd like to pursue but I feel like nothing else would make me happy, it sounds stupid but it just feels like a weight on me constantly. I get overwhelmed and anxious thinking of where to even start. It's very odd because I have pretty low self esteem so I can't even make sense of why this is something I've never been able to get out of my mind.

I'm also pretty shy and introverted, I'm nervous to even ask someone to take headshots, I don't want to come across as vain. I honestly wish this wasn't something I wanted to do, but it's the only thing I can see myself doing that would feel fulfilling. My absolute dream would be getting into high fashion.

A year ago I kind of had my hopes put up and then brought back and the bit of confidence I had took a hit. I was at Brandy Melville and usually the people that work there are like high school aged girls, but a bit of an older woman came up to me, I think she said she was the overseer of the locations on the north side of my state and she pulled me aside and asked if I would be interested in modeling in LA for Brandy Melville and took some pictures of me.

I asked her if this is something she does often and she said she hasn't before but thought I would be perfect, and asked me to leave my phone number and email and she would contact me in the next week or so. I know that isn't a super amazing offer or anything but it's a start. I was so happy the rest of the day I felt like things were going to start happening for me, but she never contacted me, which really discouraged me.

Sorry that was pretty much just a vent but I'd love to hear some advice from anyone that has/had similar issues with confidence and self esteem. I can fake confidence pretty well but I'm aiming to not have to fake it.

Also more importantly where to start? I live in California, close to San Francisco. Thanks!

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