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My experience with Topshop Personal Shopping service

3018 views 2016-10-23 18:19 |Categories:watches

Hi friends!! I posted the other day asking for experiences with Topshop's Personal Shopping service, and today I had one myself! Overall, it was extremely useful and totally worth it, and I suggest it to anyone--especially people like me who get sort of overwhelmed in stores and aren't 100% sure what to do. So when I arrived at the Personal Shopping area, I was greeted by my shopper. He was super duper nice, and asked me all the right questions (what exactly am I looking for, what's my color palette, what's my budget, what silhouettes do I stick with, how would I describe my style, etc.). He took detailed notes while I answered each question. Also, at the suggestion a lovely human posted in my original thread, I arrived in a quintessential "me" outfit so I could sort of point to myself and say "this is basically me." I think that helped him out a lot. He then left to go pick out items for me, and offered me the opportunity to join him, but I declined since I wanted to trust him and since shopping stresses me out lol. I brought a friend along for a second pair of eyes, and she and I were left alone for less than ten minutes before my shopper came back with a TON of options. He placed them into my fancy dressing room for me, and told me that if I straight-up didn't like an item, then I shouldn't try it on and he wouldn't be offended at all. That took a lot of pressure off of me, because I knew I probably wouldn't love everything. Right away I saw several pieces that were totally me, and a few that I wouldn't wear in a thousand years. I gave back the "no's," and then got started with the items I was excited about, and the ones I was unsure about, but didn't flat-out hate. When i totally loved an item or outfit, I showed it to him and told him why I loved it, and he was super complimentary and made me feel awesome in my new clothes. He checked back often to remove the stuff I didn't like, and to deliver more options based on what I already loved. It was the easiest shopping experience of my life! He helped me decide on certain items my friend and I were in the middle about, and he also never asked questions about why I didn't like certain items. I didn't feel awkward and like I had to explain myself, and I didn't feel like I was offending him or his taste. It was seriously so laid-back and easy. Once I tried on everything and made my choices, I was about $150 over budget, but he didn't push me on it at all. I wasn't totally sure what to remove, because I obviously loved it all, but he helped me purge three items that brought my total down. I didn't feel any pressure to keep everything when it was more than I was expecting to pay. Ultimately, it was a super fantastic experience, and I suggest it to ANYONE at all who is even remotely interested. It's free, you can make an appointment or show up as a walk-in, and there's no pressure to spend any more than you're comfortable with. Your shopper will actually listen to you, and learn from what you do or do not like. I even ended up with a couple of things I absolutely never would have picked out for myself, but totally fell in love with as soon as they were on my body. I was lucky because this particular shopper specialized in my kind of style, but I also think I would have had a successful blast even if that weren't true. Please feel free to ask any questions!




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