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Share My experience with Topshop Personal Shopping service
haitrieutwo 2016-10-23 18:19
Hi friends!! I posted the other day asking for experiences with Topshop's Personal Shopping service, and today I had one myself! Overall, it was extremely useful and totally worth it, and I suggest it to anyone--especially people like me who get sort of overwhelmed in stores and aren't 100% sure wha ...
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Share 你真的会说美式英语吗 别让外教骗了你!
李飞 2012-6-4 03:03
你真的会说美式英语吗 别让外教骗了你! 你真的会说美语吗?你知道美语有哪些特征吗?如果你爱美语,觉得我说的对的,就说些什么吧!你敢吗?可是我告诉你,别让外教骗了你! 你体会过,你尽心尽力去教的学生,最后说你教的什么都不是,那种感觉你体会过么? 今天,此时此刻,我想对所有对英语感兴趣的朋友聊 ...
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