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  • concernbf78  2018-4-22 19:39

    I worry about her safety

    My girlfriend just told me about this text that her mom received. The message basically said that her mom shouldn’t be travelling by plane this April because it was foreseen that something bad would happen to her. The unknown sender even told her that she should keep it to herself so she won’t spread the negative vibe. I know it’s really crazy and creepy at the same time! The text message sounded like a threat to her mom which makes me worry about her safety too. Her parents are actually leaving next week and her brother would be away for some date single tours. This means, she’ll be on her own with no one else with her. Should I offer to stay with her until her family’s back? Should I tell her to come over instead? What if that crazy person who sent that text was a stalker or something?

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2022-1-23 16:51 GMT-8

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