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  • thedatingman  2018-6-18 00:46

    Are Thai ladies really faithful?

    I have been dating a Thai lady and we have been getting serious. We have known each other because of Latin america singles club. She even introduced me to her parents already, so I thought we’re bringing it to the next level. However, just last week when we were partying at a club, there was this one guy who approached and greeted my girlfriend. I didn’t mind at first because I myself too have girl friends who often talk to me inside the clubs. Not until they both become intimate. I mean, they were holding their hands already. The man even kissed my girlfriend’s left cheek when he left. I wonder what really they were. On our way home, I noticed my girlfriend texting with whoever it was and she seemed serious about what she was doing. I asked who she was texting with but she got mad of me and I didn’t know why. Her actions lately have been so suspicious. Is she doing something behind my back? Am I being cheated on or am I just paranoid? Help!

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2020-2-25 03:13 GMT-8

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