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  • askingex444  2018-6-29 01:10

    My ex is...jealous?

    My ex and I broke up almost a year ago. Few months later, I dated a foreign woman who is totally different from her. I actually met her in an international dating blog. She was about to migrate in the US when I met her and a few weeks later, she moved to a state near mine and that’s where it all started. I drive miles just to spend time with her and go on dates with her. Everytime I come over, she takes pics and uploads it on social media. My ex probably saw it and started chatting with things like “She’s not even pretty” or something like “You could have chosen someone better than I am.’ Seriously, I don’t know what’s going on. Is she jealous? How am I supposed to handle her?

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2020-4-1 03:59 GMT-8

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