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  • confession201  2018-7-24 00:53

    I lost my best friend when I told her I fell for her.

    Have you ever tried falling in love with your best friend? If yes, you will understand me. This woman and I have been best friends for more than two decades. Can you imagine that? We have been together all our lives. I realized I have fallen in love with her when we were out of the country for a Ukraine ski trip. That trip was a birthday surprise for her. Years ago, I knew I had feelings for her but I tried to ignore that because of our friendship. But after the said trip, I can’t take it any longer. I told her about how I feel last night and she felt betrayed. I tried to explain but she walked away. She won’t answer my calls and her girl friends won’t tell me where she is. What should I do now? Am I wrong for telling her that I fell in love with her?

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