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  • nikkiprice  2018-8-8 00:46

    LANY's "Thru These Tears" is hitting me so hard

    I’ve been a fan of LANY since 2016. Their songs remind me always of how love can inspire people. I love the rhythm of their famous “I Love You So Bad” and “Hurts”. But just recently, they released a very heartbreaking piece, “Thru These Tears”. The first lines hit me so hard. The song fits perfectly to me, especially that I just came from a breakup. The guy whom I fell in love with was so special until the day I saw him cheating on me. I should’ve known earlier that he’s no good to me. I should’ve known before that when I felt a foreign feeling toward him. But still, songs can make us cry and get inspired to be a better person.

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