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  • bfdad40  2018-8-14 00:46

    A bf or sugar daddy?-- I dunno what I am.

    Three months of being together and yet I still don’t know what is my stand in my girlfriend’s life. She won’t like it if I give her a phone call. She gets mad whenever I hold her hands in public. She forbids me to be sweet to her. She doesn’t want her friends and family to know about us. She will be cold toward me whenever I won’t give what she asks. I don’t know if I am her boyfriend or just a sugar daddy. I’m too young for the latter anyway, but I guess I am. I realized it’s time for me to find someone who is capable of loving me for who I am. I have been stupid for three months now and it’s enough.

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2021-12-1 07:28 GMT-8

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