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  • hurtingme30  2018-9-3 22:26

    Should I delete our photos on Instagram?

    Not too long ago my girlfriend and I broke up. It wasn’t a bad break up but we both prefer not to talk to each other for the time being. There’s a zero chance for us to get back together so I’m trying my best to move on now. I’m just not sure if I should delete all my photos with her on Instagram. There are photos of just us two while there are those with our friends as well. A part of me is telling me to let it be while another part of me is saying delete it all. I just feel bad because all the photos taken during our Ukraine ski trip has her on it. If I delete it I wouldn’t have a souvenir from that vacation. What do I do? In case you’re wondering, she hasn’t deleted her photos as far as I know. She didn’t even change our nicknames on Messenger.

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2022-1-19 02:21 GMT-8

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