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  • sweetstudent19  2018-9-4 20:37

    Ukraine women are terrible roommates!

    Why, you may ask? Well, I’m currently in a foreign student exchange program, so I was sent to Ukraine in place of one of their students for a few weeks. The Ukraine women I was roommates with were so intolerable! They littered all over our room, NEVER washed the dishes, even took my own food from the fridge, even though I LABELED it. They wouldn’t contribute money for groceries, played loud metal music, and were constantly rude about my accent. The whole experience has just made me HATE these people! Why are they like this? Are all Ukrainian college girls this rude? I am NEVER going to be roommates or housemates with Ukrainians ever again!

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2022-1-28 01:18 GMT-8

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