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  • customer101  2018-9-6 00:51

    She's very attached. I don't like it.

    My girlfriend is overly attached to me and I felt suffocated. She wants everything I do to be reported to her. Her jealousy is killing me too. I am a professional photographer and she’s working as a fiction editor. One time she had seen me talking to some clients who are Peru ladies. We were talking about the upcoming photoshoot for their friend’s wedding then my girlfriend suddenly came up from nowhere--fuming mad. She thought I was flirting with them. It ended up with the clients turning their back at me. She’s sometimes maddening though.
  • customer101  2018-9-5 22:21

    She got fired because of me. What can I do?

    I’ve been going to this foreign massage parlor that is owned by a Colombian and employs Colombian women and men. For the handful of times I’ve been there, this masseuse is usually assigned to me. Whenever I’m her client, we sometimes have some small talk about a few vague things on what’s going on with our lives. Well, I’ve come to really enjoy talking with her and look forward to getting massaged by her.
    Last Friday, I kinda messed things up by unintentionally admitting that I feel attracted to her. I’ve never been a straightforward woman when it comes to romantic feelings, but it just felt right, you know? To my surprise, she told me she feels the same way, but that they are not allowed to date their clients, so she can’t do anything.
    I told her that I would go see another masseuse for my weekly massages instead and we ended up kissing. It was at that precise moment that her boss walked in and saw us. She yelled at her in their native language and fired her in front of everyon ... View Full Text

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