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  • soonbride26  2018-9-11 23:52

    I stopped loving someone who doesn't care?

    I had a long-time boyfriend. We were almost six years and was planning to get married. We already started building our house. But everything turned into ashes and I never regretted that it happened. I always dream to walk in the aisle while he is waiting for me at the altar. However, during our almost six years ride, I realized that it was only I who tried so hard to let our relationship work. I was the one who did efforts and sacrifices. I forgave him a thousand times for hanging out in nightclubs with different women from USA. I always caught him still exchanging messages with his ex-girlfriend. He lies to me countless times. I had become so blinded by what I thought was love. The moment I woke up from that nightmare, I knew I have done enough and I should stop. I am so glad I did. I know I have done something great for myself and I am proud of myself.

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