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  • thegamer27  2018-9-13 01:01

    The confrontation with my mom didn't turn out well.

    As the eldest son, I confronted my mom about how irresponsible she is. For almost all her life, she had been enjoying her life and forgetting she has kids. Only my grandparents took care of us until I can finally stand on my own. Since I worked, I was the one who provided for my siblings’ needs and tuition fees. I told my mother about it. I told her she should not focus going on dating tours but rather on working so she can help me with my siblings’ expenses and at home’s. Instead of understanding my difficult situation, she got mad at me. She said I have been so proud and more. She really is a pain in the ask Dunno what to do anymore.
  • thegamer27  2018-9-12 22:39

    How do I deal with male chauvinist gamers?

    I’m a gamer and have been playing games since I was a kid. I’m no pro by any means, but I genuinely enjoy the whole experience. The camaraderie with other gamers, exploring virtual worlds, and just investing time and effort into certain games. However, what’s really ruining things for me is how some gamers can be real jerks online. They say derogatory comments like “women from USA are dumb and over privileged” or “women can’t really play games good enough”.
    I’ve been gaming for YEARS and I know that these comments shouldn’t bother me, but coming from someone who genuinely enjoys playing and appreciates the hard work that game developers put into their product, it really does ruin the experience for me in many ways. How do I deal with this? I know I can block them and trash talking is part of the “fun”, but some of these comments are way below the belt to be considered jokes.

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