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  • brokenheart27  2018-9-24 01:29

    I let him go but I did not regret it.

    It’s almost a year since I kept on going to dating tours but I wasn’t happy at all. I’m meeting new people but none of them caught my attention. I still love my ex but I know it’s impossible at all. Few months ago, my boyfriend got her step sister pregnant. So damn, right? Because of that, we broke up. I broke up with him. I couldn’t let him run away from his responsibility because I, myself, is a bastard and I know what it feels like to be one. He told me it was an accident but I was pretty certain his step sister is hitting on him. I know because I can feel it whenever I visit him in their house. But that’s not the issue here. Even though I love him, I didn’t want a child to grow without a father, so I chose to let him go and I did not regret it because I know I made the right decision. I just hope he will be a good father to his baby.

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