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  • POP2868419792  2014-4-20 06:58

    Victim's Mother Condones the Killer

    According to the report of Singapore's Union Morning Paper on april 18th, in Iran just the moment when a killer had been brought on the scaffold, with his neck wrapped in the rope, the victim's mother stepped forward and slapped him, and the killer won the condonation and was kept from death.
    In 2007, the 19 years old Baralle killed the Housseinzad in a street fight, the public opinion appealed for Baralle's pardon to death after his conviction.
    On that morning Baralle was escorted to execution ground of the northern city Nowshahr, and around there was cramped with people looking by. Baralle was commanded standing on a stool and set up the rope used to hang him.
    It was right before the execution, all in a sudden Housseinzad's mother stepped out to have a slap on Baralle and then released the rope from Baralle'sneck with her husband's help.
    Alinnajad said:" all of my relatives, even my mother request my forgiveness for the killer, who cried and ask my condoning, I slapped him and tha ... View full text
  • POP2868419792  2014-3-30 08:01
    一切皆有可能,加油吧 ...
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