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  • 1stworldview  2016-9-28 15:25

    I love my boyfriend but we've broken up more than 15 times

    I love my boyfriend but we've broken up more than 15 times
    I've been with my boyfriend for 9 months, I like him a lot and we've had a lot of fun and magical moments. But he is so insecure, and we have a lot of problems because of that. It all started when we were like 3 months together and he found some texts in my phone with a guy that used to be my teacher, he was asking me questions of my life and we were having a nice conversation, he asked me if I had a boyfriend and I avoided the question, I dont know why I did it, it was wrong and Im sorry, I wasn't going to cheat on my boyfriend or anything like that. Since that moment my boyfriend is super jealous, and we've had a lot of problems.
    He says that when he breaks up with me I treat him nicer and more romantic, but that he obviously doesn't like to do it and that he doesn't want to hurt me anymore.
    This is really hurting me, he says that he loves me and acts really nice and we have lots of nice days and then we suddenly have a fight ... View Full Text
  • 1stworldview  2016-9-24 14:30

    Regret Cheating vs Regret Hurting

    Regret cheating vs regret hurting
    My girlfriend recently cheated on me and told me she doesn't regret that she did it she just regrets hurting me. What's that suppose to mean?
    I'm trying to process it but it's hard and I'm going insane just thinking about it.
    If anyone can tell me what that means. Cause she won't.

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