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  • DonaldTrump  2016-10-10 23:20

    What are your natural beauty tips? And what do they do?

    What are your natural beauty tips? And what do they do?
    I love learning about new, natural beauty tips (ie: nothing with makeup or expensive things. Stuff you can get from your kitchen)
    Here are some of mine:
    -I have very pigmented skin, so even if I don't pick at a pimple, it leaves a scar. So when the pimple is starting to go away, I start rubbing vitamin E oil on it, twice a day. It helps to reduce the mark afterward.
    -I put full fat mayo in my hair once a week for about half an hour. It's a great moisterizer.
    -I exfoliate my lips 1-2 times a week with sugar. After they're dry I put vaseline. They're sooo smooth and soft. Seriously look amazing.
    Using Aloe Vera, in any part of your body, it make it soft and bright.
    Etc Etc Etc. Things like that :-)
    So, what are some of your natural beauty tips? And what do they do?
  • DonaldTrump  2016-10-10 23:10

    Try this yoga pose to lose weight from your lower belly fat

    • Yoga-Poses-To-Get-Rid-Of-Lower-Belly-Fat.jpg
    Yoga for belly fat is one of the greatest things you can add to your exercise routine. Yoga poses can definitely get this amazing impact on your weight loss goals. Practicing yoga can help specifically in the reduction of abdominal fat and fats throughout your entire body. Some poses have been shown improve spine health and improve flexibility through the entire core region.
    This is an excellent pose to tone lower abdomen and lengthen hamstrings. Learn how to perform it.
    Ubhaya padangusthasana or both big toes pose is an excellent pose to tone the lower abdomen and lengthen the hamstrings. It opens up the chest and shoulders and strengthens the abdominal and genital organs. The asana rejuvenates your back and spine and helps you relax.
    Steps to perform:
    Sit erect in sukhasana or the easy pose.
    Then bend your legs and grab your toes with the fingers of both your hands.
    Inhale and lift your legs up. Make sure that you are not letting go of your toes and keeping your legs erect.
    B ... View Full Text
  • DonaldTrump  2016-10-10 22:56

    What is your best de-stress technique? Breathing exercises? Meditate

    How do you cope with stress? What is your best de-stress technique?
    Do you do breathing exercises? Meditate? Walk in the park?
    Interested to know what works best for you.
  • DonaldTrump  2016-10-10 22:52

    Married, Confused, and Possibly in Love with Another

    Anyway, this is a quick synopsis that is trying to capture a lot of nuance and context. I'm lost. Confused. And disappointed.
    I'm writing with much hesitation and despair. For the first time in my life, I have no one to turn to for advice or just to share my thoughts. So let me get started and I'll try to be brief.
    I met my wife when I was 20 years old in college. We got married right after I college. We've been married for nearly 12 years and have 2 kids. We've gone through a lot together, stints apart for work, a miscarriage, and illness, just to name a few. I've been feeling less and less love for her over the past few years and I feel as though we've grown apart or at least to two separate people. There are ups and downs in all relationships and I absolutely have nothing but the utmost care and love for her as a friend and mother of my children, but we want different things in life, don't have fun like we used to, and are both pretty depressed. Though, I can't speak for her, but I f ... View Full Text

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