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  • JustinBieber  2016-10-17 23:46

    My chances of becoming a fashion model? Future aspiration

    Is it my chance of becoming a fashion model?
    I'm biased on whether or not i'd be able to become a model in the upcoming future or maybe near future.
    It's been a goal and aspiration for a few years now, all criticism is appreciated <3
  • JustinBieber  2016-10-17 23:36

    CoverGirl's first CoverBoy: Teen makeup artist James Charles breaks beauty barriers

    • Teen makeup artist James Charles.jpg
    • CoverGirl\\'s first CoverBoy James Charles.jpg
    CoverGirl's first CoverBoy: How can it be? Teen makeup artist James Charles breaks beauty barriers, and becomes a social media star.
    James Charles will start out as the face of "So Lashy!", the brand's latest mascara launch, and he'll also be used in ads and commercials. Oh, and he also gets to hang out with Katy Perry. And he's still only 17. Impressed yet? We certainly are.
    James Charles, a 17 year old high school boy is aspiring to be a make-up artist... which is a respected profession primarily the entertainment industry. It's not at all unusual for males to be in this profession. In the course of a year, teen makeup artist James Charles has gone from starting an Instagram account showing off his impressive work to getting shoutouts from Katy Perry for making history.
    On Tuesday, the pop star helped announce that Charles has become the first male to represent the CoverGirl brand. Meet @JamesCharles: makeup artist, boundary breaker, and the newest COVERGIRL! Spread the word ... View Full Text
  • JustinBieber  2016-10-17 23:14

    Top Models With Beauty Contracts

    I am looking for top models with beauty contracts.
    Is there a list of models with beauty contracts I looked and I couldn't find one. I'm going to try to compile it, please add if you can.
    Its always pretty hard to gauge who's under contract because a girl can disappear from ads for an entire year but still be under contract and pop back up.
    Estee Lauder:
    Elizabeth Hurley
    Carolyn Murphy
    Constance Jablonski
    Liu Wen
    Arizona Muse ?
    Kendall Jenner
    Laeticita Casta
    Doutzen Kroes
    Bianca Balti
    Liya Kebede
    Barbara Palvin
    Laura Stone
    Soo Joo Park
    Karlie Kloss
    Natasha Poly
    Isabeli Fontana
    Irina Shayk
    Christy Turlington
    Erin Wasson
    Adriana Lima
    Emily DiDonato
    Kemp Muhl
    Jordan Dunn
    Gigi Hadid
    Marloes Horst ?
    Gisele Bundchen
    Sigrid Agren ?
    Jac Jagaciak
    Natalia Vodianova
    Bobbi Brown:
    Kate Upton
    Laura Mercier:
    There's a girl who's always used in the ads but I can't find her name.
    Its always pretty hard to gauge who's under contract because a girl can disappear fro ... View Full Text
  • JustinBieber  2016-10-17 19:31

    Do you routinely get gel nail polish or use your regular polish?

    Do you routinely get gel nail polish or use your regular polish?
    I have only used regular polish. I shy away from the gel due to removal.
    I tried a gel manicure today because I have some meetings coming up and I want the polish to last. I had one about three weeks ago. The removal took some time today, but he just sanded them lightly them wrapped them in acetone soaked cotton and tin foil for several minutes. The removed the polish with a tool. I usually use regular polish my self, too.
    How about you?
  • JustinBieber  2016-10-17 19:24

    What are your winter fashion staples?

    hi people,
    What are your winter fashion staples?
    This is literally the first year I'm living in a place that snows (relocated to Midwest from Texas), so I'm at a complete loss for what items to get.
    What are some versatile staple pieces that go with everything?
    I'm also on a budget and winter stuff is not inexpensive
    So, it's your turn to tell what your winter fashion staples are?
  • JustinBieber  2016-10-17 19:18

    Do you feel like an impostor when you wear certain styles because of your race?

    Hey everyone,
    Do you feel like an impostor when you wear certain styles because of your race?
    I know the "dress how you like" arguments. I agree. We shouldn't feel shut out of something because we don't "look" the part and dress in the clothes that make us happy. I'm just curious to see if people feel the same way I do at times.
    Update: I like streetwear too but I'm definitely treated differently. I try to not wear certain parts of streetwear (hoop earrings, basketball shoes) out of fear of looking like a stereotype.
    Alternatively, some of my White female friends feel as if they can't dress streetwear because they feel like they are "inauthentic." Like preppy sites and inspo, streetwear tends to overwhelmingly feature one type of person (american style street wear is mainly latinas and blacks and asian stretwear is mainly...asians).
    What are your thoughts? Do you feel like this at times?
  • JustinBieber  2016-10-17 19:09

    What game are you playing right now? Why?

    What game are you playing right now? Why?
    It's my first topic in gaming and I'm just wondering what everyone is playing right now - what are the 'good' games out there, perhaps some reasonably unknown?
    I've just started back into WoW (shoot me now) due to not having any other games that piqued my interest - I had been playing Dota2 religiously before that but just started to get over it a bit after about 2.5k hours.
    If anyone know's of any co-op or multiplayer games that have great playability I'd be keen to know - thanks!
  • JustinBieber  2016-10-17 18:58

    What Is Your Favorite Book?

    What is your favorite book?
    I want to know what is your favorite book?
    Well, that's an interesting question, because I've never thought about that before, However there is a book that comes
    some of my favorite books include Nine-teen Eighty Four, Malleus Maleficarum, Lord of the Flies, Brave New World, Lords of Chaos, For Whom the bell tolls and most of Tolkiens books.
  • JustinBieber  2016-10-17 18:52

    Any Fans of Star vs. the Forces of Evil Here?

    Any Fans of Star vs. the Forces of Evil Here? Any fans as obsessed as me?
    Star vs. the Forces of Evil is amazing, funny, and awesome!!! Thumbs Up Big Grin
    give me your comments and thoughts on the show even if you love it, like it, or hate it Big Grin
  • JustinBieber  2016-10-17 18:47

    What super power would you ask for if you could get it one

    What super power would you ask for if you could get it one?
    Pick any power and debate which is better!
    Well for me, its hard choosing one because they all are sooo cool but i have top 3 smile
    1- flying
    2- healing
    3- magic
  • JustinBieber  2016-10-17 18:43

    What Are You Currently in the Mood For Eating?

    Hey mate,
    What are you currently in the mood for eating?
    ~Currently I'm in the mood for Pink lemonade or a blueberry muffin~
  • JustinBieber  2016-10-17 18:35

    Killer Clown Sighting: Is it a threat, or just a terrifying hoax?

    Clown Sighting All Around America: Is this a threat, or just a hoax?
    Hoax or threat? Killer Clown sightings fuel panic nationwide.
    Beyond bringing this hoax to an end, it seems authorities are more worried about some of the violent acts innocent men and women might succumb to in protecting themselves from these scary clown sightings.
    Are the clowns a real threat? Or are they just a Halloween scare?
  • JustinBieber  2016-10-17 18:28

    Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?

    Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?
    No, I'm not gay, but I've noticed that some people are very opinionated on this subject.
    What do you think? I think it should.

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