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  • ChristinaAguile  2016-10-30 08:52

    What Is The Lipstick You Get The Most Compliments On?

    • 7.jpg
    Hey Beauties,
    Wondering what Is The Lipstick You Get The Most Compliments On?
    So there is always that 1 lipstick that most of us wear that other people tend to compliment on more then others. I want to know what yours is beauties?
    Mine is Macs Sushi Kiss everytime I wear it I always have quite a few people ask me what brand and shade it is and how nice it looks on me.
    It is funny because at first I did not quite like the color but people just seem to like it on me (;
  • ChristinaAguile  2016-10-30 08:14

    What are good cleansers to use for 2 step cleansing?

    Hi ladies,
    about 2 step cleansing and toner. Could you please advice
    I was wondering what are good cleansers to use for 2 step cleansing? I use boscia's purifying cleansing gel, its so far the only cleanser i have tried that doesn't irritate my sensitive combination/dry skin. also I was wondering what a good toner would be and if toner is necessary in a skin care regimen?
  • ChristinaAguile  2016-10-30 08:08

    What is my eye shape?

    • Eye shapes.jpg
    Hey beauties,
    Hello just wondering what is my eye shape? Also, what velour lashes would look best with it? Thank you so much!
  • ChristinaAguile  2016-10-30 08:02

    Foundation won't stick to my cheeks and nose

    Hey guys,
    Foundation won't stick to my skin! Help!
    So I'm having trouble with getting foundation to stick to my nose and cheeks, it always just wipes away when I'm applying.
    I have a wedding tomorrow and when I did a trial run on make up the foundation won't stick to my cheeks or nose. I use olay face wash, paula's choice toner, first aid beauty serum, and then dr. jart water drop moisturizer.
    I let it all sink in for about 10 mins then apply smash box primer light and use smash box studio skin 15 hr wear foundation. I have used a damp beauty blender, foundation brush, my hands...
    it seems like nothing works. It is like the foundation won't stick and cakes up around my cheeks if I try to blend it all in. I switch between smash box studio skin, make up forever HD stick, and sometimes MAC studio fix and they all do it to some degree.
    Seems like no matter what I try it rubs off with every dab or rub or any layering of makeup. Foundation before or after. Brushes, fingers, even q-tip. It' ... View Full Text
  • ChristinaAguile  2016-10-30 07:51

    Perfume / Fragrance Spray Sample Gift

    Hi beauties,
    I have some questions about my perfume or fragrance spray.
    I've never used any perfume or fragrance before but I just received a sample as a gift.
    I received Dior Eau De Parfum and Marc Jacobs Daisy.
    If you used one of them, which ones would you prefer or list your favorite perfume
  • ChristinaAguile  2016-10-30 07:26

    What does Halloween mean to you?

    • Halloween Pop Art.jpg
    • Halloween Movie Events.jpg
    For some Halloween is a night when they'll sit near the door with a bowl of candy or treats and greet the little ones as they come by in their Halloween costumes. Other families will be dividing their time between one parent staying home to pass out candy while the other goes out with their own children.
    I have a morning show on currently which airs in the United States. They gave the stats for the estimated amount of money that will be spent on this holiday.
    I have celebrated Halloween in the past and watch TV shows that would not please God, but this year I recommitted myself to Him. Part of that is not participating in Halloween. If on Halloween night you are confronted with the requesting threat, “Trick or treat,” then what? Should you treat?
    Me, I didn't know that it was a holiday, nobody gets the day off do they? What does Halloween mean to you? What is the story behind it?
  • ChristinaAguile  2016-10-30 06:42

    What's the difference between Emulsion, Lotions and Creams

    Emulsion, Lotions and Creams?
    Hi, Can someone tell me the differences between Emulsion, Lotions, & Creams?
    I was shopping for some skin care products the other day and was a little confused about the terms used. What's the difference between cream, lotion and emulsions? Thank you!
  • ChristinaAguile  2016-10-30 06:31

    Best Self Tanning Products for Face and Body

    Are there the best tanning products?
    Hi beauties,
    I am interested in any kind of self-tanning products for face and/or body...
    Can you please recommend a few notable ones to try? (I dislike orange or yellow in colow)... Thank you!
  • ChristinaAguile  2016-10-30 06:21

    Bold Blue Lipcolor: Tricks for getting coverage on the entire lip surface

    Hi beauties,
    Bold Blue Lipcolor Help
    I cannot get the lip color to go on the inner portion of my lips when I use a very dark (blue) shade. Is there a trick for getting coverage on the entire lip surface? Do I use a lip or eyeliner first, over the whole lip?
  • ChristinaAguile  2016-10-30 06:12

    Best facial mask for combination/oily, acne-prone skin

    Which of the two facial masks to buy?
    Hello beauties,
    I am in search of a facial mask for combination/oily, acne-prone skin and have narrowed it down to two: Astara Blue Flame Purification Mask and Origins Clear Improvement Mask. Of the two, which would you recommend?
    Both masks have stellar reviews, so if any of you have used either one and can offer feedback, I would truly appreciate it. Thank you! Smiley Happy
    Update: I will likely be placing my order today for the Origins Clear Improvement Mask, but before I do, are there any other masks out there that would be good for oily and acne-prone skin? Thanks, beauties.
  • ChristinaAguile  2016-10-30 06:02

    Best Moisturized and Daily Face Wash for Dry and Sensitive Skin

    Best Moisturized and Daily Face Wash for Dry and Sensitive Skin
    Hi friends,
    my name is Josphine and because of the winter my face has been really dry especially around my eyes and my mouth. I was wondering what the best moisturizer and daily face wash was for this?
    Finding a perfect face wash for people with sensitive skin is very tough since everything contains chemicals nowadays. And that why the hunt for the best face was for sensitive skin began! It will definitely soothe and calm the skin and can also be used from head to toe!
  • ChristinaAguile  2016-10-30 04:44

    How to Make Large Eyes Look Smaller?

    How to Make Large Eyes Look Smaller?
    Hey girls,
    I have large pale blue/gray eyes. They overwhelm my face. How can I make them appear smaller?
  • ChristinaAguile  2016-10-30 04:40

    Waxing vs threading eyebrows, which is better?

    Waxing vs threading, which is better when it come to doing your eyebrows?
    Hey ladies!
    So a few of my friends seem to wax their eyebrows, and then the other half seem to get them threaded...
    I actually get my own waxed, but I was just wondering which is better to get done when it comes to getting a nice arch, shape, and inner look.
    I have had both done and actually find the threading to be slightly more painful than the waxing, but of course I've only had it done once and am not a reliable source when it comes to questioning which is better!!
    Can someone help me out here?!?! Waxing vs threading, which is better when it come to doing your eyebrows? Thank you!!!
  • ChristinaAguile  2016-10-30 04:13

    What Is a Good Concealer That Will Not Make My Undereyes Look Papery?

    What Is a Good Concealer That Will Not Make My Undereyes Look Papery?
    BECCA Aqua Luminous Perfecting Concealer is a weightless with buildable coverage concealer that's going to give a natural looking and non-cakey finish. It provides a radiant looking finish and is easily blendable.
    Lancôme EFFACERNES - Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer is a long wearing and crease resistant undereye concealer. It assists with covering up dark circles and it's waterproof formula makes it great for even hot and humid climates.
    Smashbox Studio Skin 24 Hour Waterproof Concealer is oil free, waterproof, and hydrating that's going to last all day long. The creamy formula allows it to be blend easily without creasing, caking, or settling. This concealer is tested to look perfect in any light.
  • ChristinaAguile  2016-10-30 04:00

    Dry Skin Dehydrated with large pores and acne after applying makeup

    Dry Skin Dehydrated with large pores and acne after applying makeup
    So my skin feels dry/dehydrated a lot, but after applying makeup i've found i get shiny and just.. "ew" . I don't really have a good skin care routine as I don't know where to start since my skin changes often.
    But i'm really looking for a daily routine, but don't know where to start.
    What products would you recommend for someone with dehydrated skin, but still has large pores and some acne issues?
    & besides skin care, what's a good foundation you'd recommend?
    I thought about trying the born this way foundation but have seen mixed reviews.
  • ChristinaAguile  2016-10-30 03:54

    Color Match in Giorgio Armani Luminous Foundation

    hi friend,
    I wear luara mercier nude tinted moisturizer now. what color would I be in Giorgio Armani luminous foundation?
    If I am the shade Golden in the Anastasia Stick foundation which shade would I be in the Make up for ever hd foundation?
  • ChristinaAguile  2016-10-30 02:28

    Online Shopping vs In Store Shopping, Which Do You Prefer?

    • Online Shopping vs In Store Shopping.jpg
    Hi Shop Lovers,
    Which Do You Prefer, online shopping or in store shopping? What Do You Buy Online vs. in Stores?
    Day-by-day, the society has changed the way of shopping. It looks that everything should be convenient and simple. There are many people, who prefer online shopping to buy products, because they can easily compare the cost of product to find the best deal. Whereas, many people love in- store shopping, because they can physically check what they are buying. So, which one you like? Here in this inforgraphic, we have compared some major differences of online shopping and off-line shopping.
    If I can buy it locally at a price at least close to what it goes for online I do... Sadly, the local shops can rarely compete.
    I've got a Fry's near me, which competes well with online retailers for electronics, games, etc. I'll still go online for some of that stuff if I don't want or need it immediately.
    For me, 100% in-store for shoes, tailored clothing, food & drink.
    Nearly 100% online f ... View Full Text

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