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  • LadyGaga  2016-11-29 22:22

    How to Shrink Your Pores and Minimize Large Pores

    How to Shrink Your Pores and Minimize Large Pores
    Hi beauties,
    I want to learn how to shrink the appearance of large pores.
    We all want satiny smooth skin, and big pores often stand in the way of having that. OK, lets talk: How to shrink the apperance of large pores.
    Large pores got you down? Trying everything you can to shrink them? Can you really shrink them?
  • LadyGaga  2016-11-29 21:50

    How to Apply Eyeliner: Best Tips of Eyeliner Makeup

    How to Apply Eyeliner: Best Tips of Eyeliner Makeup
    So how to appy eyeliner? Here we should learn the best tips of eyeliner makeup.
    When taking baby steps towards makeup application, the first milestone we cross is that of eye makeup. Earlier, swiping on a little kohl used to be enough. As a beginner, all that the makeup world has to offer can seem a little overwhelming. Making mistakes is part of the learning process, and yet they can be easily avoided.
    Experimenting with different eyeliner colors is a fun way to mix up your typical every day makeup look.
  • LadyGaga  2016-11-29 21:33

    Do Clay Masks Work For Oily/Combination/Sensitive Skin and Large Pores?

    Do clay masks work for oily/combination/sensitive skin and large pores?
    I've been using a clay mask for a couple weeks that was recommended to me by a lady at a Shoppers drug mart and it seems to be making my skin worse. My skin has become rough and bumpy.
    I have a s*** ton of blackheads on my forehead and chin that weren't there before and the pores on and around my nose have gotten a lot bigger. Is it just this particular product that I'm using or do clay masks do more damage than good?
  • LadyGaga  2016-11-29 01:12

    Frye Melissa Button Boot review, petite perspective

    • Frye Melissa Button Boot.jpg
    Frye Melissa Button Boot review, petite perspective
    Me: 4'10" / 105 pounds / calf approx 13.5"
    I purchased these boots in the color "dark brown" and size 6 from Amazon for $150. When I first saw them, they looked darker than the pictures on Amazon, but I kept them because this was the only color for this price. The pictures on Amazon showed a redder medium brown. I would describe the boots I received as a chocolate brown.
    My main concern with buying knee high boots is whether they'd fall below my knee (and not somewhere on my knee, creating a weird bend). These boots are curved at the top on the opening so that it's shorter behind the knee and on the knee, but higher on the sides of the knees. The shaft height is 14" if measuring to the shortest part of the shaft and around 15" at the tallest parts of the shaft.
    The boots are very nice quality and the leather looks beautiful. They fit nicely through my calf, but they're too baggy on my ankles. They're very comfortable boots and I think ... View Full Text
  • LadyGaga  2016-11-29 00:39

    DIY dyed sweater: Remember to agitate constantly

    DIY dyed sweater: Remember to agitate constantly
    I've been wanting to try out dyes for a while now so I finally did it on this $5 sweater I found at the Salvation Army.
    I used Rit dye in the color "tan" purchased from Michaels for $3 (with a 40% off coupon you can find on their website and use in store). The bottle dyes 2 pounds of fabric, but this sweater weighed .4 pounds so I still have a lot of dye leftover too!
    Since this is a wool sweater, I added 1 cup of vinegar to the dye bath. I was scared to agitate the sweater too much (being wool) and ended up having to do a second dye job because it came out uneven. Remember to agitate constantly if you want to try out dying.
    Beautiful job! The sweater looks so much better now.
    Update: I like to redye my jeans when they start to fade.
    I cheat because I stole an old magnetic stirrer from the lab and use that to gentle agitate my dye solution. I also give it a quick mix manually to help get an even dye job.
    Which dye we're you using, and did ... View Full Text
  • LadyGaga  2016-11-28 23:41

    Unsolicited gifts and your curated or capsule wardrobe?

    Unsolicited gifts and your curated or capsule wardrobe?
    Those of you who maintain, or aspire to maintain, a tightly curated, capsule, minimalist, French, etc. wardrobe, how much do you try to incorporate things you've been given that you didn't pick out yourselves? For myself, I have a relative who likes to give me stuff (I know, world's smallest violin, etc.) that can be a bit hit or miss. One recent gift became one of the signature pieces in my wardrobe, but some become things I wear once in a blue moon that don't really "fit", and make me feel like my overall aesthetic is less tightly coordinated. How do you incorporate gifts into your wardrobe? Do you just tactfully tell people that you keep a tightly curated wardrobe? Ask for exactly what you want?
    Or embrace the wild card element that is introduced into your style by gifts, with faith that it can sometimes be the shakeup you need? As much as I'm enjoying getting into the curated wardrobe thing, the idea of going through life with ... View Full Text
  • LadyGaga  2016-11-28 23:12

    What are your go-to stores for clothing with natural fibers?

    What are your go-to stores for clothing with natural fibers?
    I'm in the process of doing a "wardrobe exorcism" to reduce the clutter in my closet, and I'm noticing that oodles of my clothes are made primarily from polyester. I plan on selling or donating most of these pieces (after having drawn the connection that I sweat like a sailor within hours of putting them on) and replacing them with clothing made from natural fibers like wool, cotton, silk, etcetera.
    As it goes, most of the stores I've been purchasing from in the past few years have jumped on the polyester bandwagon like crazy - Express and Dynamite are the biggest offenders. So I'm in need of some new places to shop - namely, stores that sell a decent amount of clothing with natural fibers!
    I'm looking to build up my knowledge as much as possible, so any stores go, no matter the style. I'm also based in the United States, but I'm open to overseas / international stores.
    If you're in Canada then definitely add Aritzia to your ... View Full Text
  • LadyGaga  2016-11-28 22:57

    What's on your Christmas wish list?

    What's on your Christmas wish list?
    'Tis the season! What items are you drooling over this Christmas?
    Not a fashion-driven answer, but anything and everything SmartWool is on the top of my clothing wish list.
  • LadyGaga  2016-11-28 22:50

    Could you give up shopping for 30 days?

    Could you give up shopping for 30 days? If not, what would be the biggest obstacle?
    For me, shopping for clothes and makeup absolutely. I do that already I called it "beggars can be choosy".
    A year ago I would've thought "sure, I shop like once every 4 months!" but now... I don't know lol. Been having a real bad case of fashion over-consumption. Too much Pinterest, bloggers and Vogue.
    Slowing down on fashion purchases is on top of my new year's resolutions list. It's not going to be easy because a lot of stuff in fashion inspires me at the moment and there's always something that I see and go "ugh that would be PERFECT for that one outfit".
    This is my biggest obstacle, by far. I'm getting better, but I haven't been able to pinpoint if I'm actually over it or if it's being masked by a combination of shopping for other for the holidays (arguably more exciting than shopping for myself, I tend to go big) and knowing that my birthday and Christmas are coming and knowing I'll be getting new t ... View Full Text

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