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  • 1stworldview8  2016-12-21 15:21

    Girlfriend broke up with me. Her ex boyfriend is in the car

    Girlfriend broke up with me. Her ex boyfriend is in her car. Love from a confused and broken guy.
    Dear lovers
    Something horrible happened. My girlfriend, or now ex-girlfriend, had some contact with her ex-boyfriend who treated her really badly during our relationship. He didn't want to be seen in public with her, he didnt appreciate her and just used her for sex. For your information, she wasn't with her ex longer than she has been with me. He even broke up with her over the phone actually. When i met her she was feeling down about the way she was treated. In my relationship with her i only treated her with respect and did the right thing basically. Yet she still talked to him once in a while, and he would say things like: "i still love you", and such over the phone to her. I never minded him talking to her, I am not going to control who she can talk to, but i made it clear to her, that i didn't like the fact that he was trying to win her back. So I asked her to not answer him or turn h ... View Full Text
  • 1stworldview8  2016-12-21 15:19

    Overcome emotional pain, recovering from a heartbreak

    Overcome emotional pain, recovering from a heartbreak
    I'm recovering from a heartbreak from which I didn't think I could recover... but I made it ! Today I just want to encourage those who are suffering any kind of emotional pain. You can recover too. One book has actually helped me a lot : "How to overcome emotional pain" by Nassera Victoria. Once I started practise the tips this book gives, it started to feel much better, until now... I'm actually back to life !!
    For sure, those kinds of trials change us forever... But I'm back to life, even stronger. And you will be too.

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