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  • LeaMichele  2017-1-3 22:49

    What do you guys/girls know about IMTA auditions?

    What do you guys/girls know about IMTA auditions?
    I'm signed with a modeling agency already, it's a smaller local one but they've been sending people to LA & NYC for the IMTA convention/auditions. They want me to pay, along with everyone else who has gone about 5 grand. Is it actually worth the money?
  • LeaMichele  2017-1-3 22:44

    Where do you look for trade for print modeling work?

    Hi guys,
    Where do you look for tfp work?
    I have an ad on Craigslist but with every other ad seemingly looking for nude/porn models, are aspiring models who just want some headshots looking there even? My modelmayhem was denied since I only have one shoot to show. I actually am less nervous shooting strangers than friends, but do I need to get some pictures of friends to get going?
    That being said, if you're starting out in Portland, Oregon and want a low pressure environment to get your feet wet and hopefully walk away with some quality additions to your portfolio, message me! We'll choose an outdoor location suitable to you and try to catch you in the golden hour. Bring a chaperone so we can put them to work! Hair, makeup, even just holding reflectors.
    Faceboook groups dedicated to models, photographers, MUAs, stylists, etc in your city. I live in Boston and there are some very active groups with 4000+ members. I do lots of successful casting calls there. I would imagine there are simi ... View Full Text
  • LeaMichele  2017-1-3 22:35

    Instagram Strategy to Promote Your Modeling Career

    How to Start a Modeling Career? Today, I want to discuss Instagram Strategy to Promote Your Modeling Career.
    I recently started modeling for an agency and quickly realized how vital social media has become. I created my account a couple months ago and have ~250 followers organically from my friends.
    What is the best way to gain followers? What do people usually do?
    I'm thinking I could:
    Start following a ton of random people? To unfollow at somepoint Do lots of tags? Comment frequently on public posts? Competitions?
    Update: Instagram is getting huge. Agencies pretty much linking models' Instagrams on their websites and signing Instagram-famous kids that don't meet requirements, and clients are asking about followers. Crazy.
    I haven't used all these tricks but based from what I've heard: post very often, and you'll do better when it's your own face and body. This sounds really shameless but the #model #modellife #modelling #modeling #[yourgender]model hashtags are pretty popular too. Use ... View Full Text
  • LeaMichele  2017-1-3 22:29

    Webcam Model: Has anyone been a webcam girl?

    Hi Popteen models,
    Webcam Modeling: Has anyone been a webcam girl? If so, any tips or advice for someone starting out/looking into it? Any websites or places that you could recommend?
    I used to help cam girl models out on various sites is there any particular area of web cam modeling you are interested in?

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