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  • lovegigi939  2017-1-4 21:12

    Falling in love breaks my heart. Sad story

    Falling in love breaks my heart. Sad story
    I've always been bad with these love things, but these things never get any easier...So last summer there was this camp, i didn't know anyone and im pretty shy so first few days were pretty lonely as you may expect. I made a promise to myself " Don't ruin this camp by falling in love...again" But you can probably quess that i failed.
    There was this beautiful girl, when i saw her for the first time i was like "She is so perfect" and so on. When i walked near her i could feel my heart beat getting like super fast and i felt so nervous.
    Well i wanted to get her attention so i was trying to be more social, maybe play football and some other things but it didn't work...i caught myself just staring at her alot, because what can you do when you have crush on someone that bad and when you are super shy.
    But this is where my heart was starting to break to pieces. Well because my staring, she was starting to see me as a creep or something. And you can pr ... View Full Text

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