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  • seriousguy88  2017-11-9 18:53

    Anxious about dating a Colombian woman after a divorce. Need advice!!!

    Some people might find it weird that anyone could be anxious about dating a woman after a divorce. I have been in a 5-year marriage that had more arguments than sweet moments. My ex-wife and I really tried to make our shaky relationship work, but eventually, we decided to part ways.
    The end of our marriage made me anxious about getting in a serious relationship. This is why I feel unsure about dating someone who isn’t in the same country. My friends encouraged me to “get myself out there” and find someone. I was hesitant because of my worries, but I eventually enjoyed the casual dating. Then I was invited to an old colleague’s wedding. That’s when I heard about A Foreign Affair, and I immediately signed up.
    I’ve talked to a few girls and found this one Colombian woman interesting. Her name is Lucia and she really caught my attention. She’s very passionate when it comes to her philosophical views which makes our conversations very exciting.
    She’s also into art and music. Comin ... View Full Text

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