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  • winterLove10  2017-11-14 04:06

    I am going to Colombia! Any tips?

    I am going to Colombia! Any tips?
    I hear so much about Colombia. They’re one of the most recommended travel destinations. The pictures I saw were beautiful. I can’t wait to see it in person. I am also thinking of meeting someone there. I am divorced and had been seriously considering meeting women. Since Colombia is my target destination, I could meet a woman there and probably take her home. There’s a in a company called A Foreign Affair that could bring you to Colombia, and meet many women. Since it would be my first time in the place, I think I would like some safe guide/company.
    Before I decide though, I need to know a few things.
    What are Colombian Women like? As a woman, as a partner?
    Which part of the country have the most honest women around? Someone who can be genuine.
    What do I need to get along well, aside from learning Spanish? Is learning Spanish a must? Or will I be just fine using English?
    All tips, help, honest takes are appreciated! Thank you, guys!
  • winterLove10  2017-11-13 00:20

    How I found love and learned to appreciate life.

    How I found love and learned to appreciate life.“I live my life in a full way, with an open heart and a desire to be happy and make those I love happy too”, says Alyona of Ukraine.This is the quote I learned to love from Alyona, a beautiful woman living in Ukraine. She is a woman with wits, who enjoys teaching as a profession. A kind-hearted, absolutely genuine, sympathetic person who dreams to be loved and be cherished as well. I met Alyona in Ukraine. She is one of those beautiful women who were in the Singles Event in Ukraine organized by A Foreign Affair. Her dazzling smile captured my heart. Her beautiful face allured me. Her positive attitude in life made me love her more. She is just so lovable!Before the Singles Tour ended, I talked to her about my feelings and luckily, she responded positively! I promised I’ll come back and ask her to be my wife. I am so excited! She is so amazing!Finding someone to love may be a risk and very challenging. I am very thankful to find what I’ ... View Full Text
  • winterLove10  2017-11-10 01:00

    Age differences - Can it work out?

    Age differences - Can it work out?
    I’ve joined some of the reputable dating sites like A Foreign Affair, Intl.Cupid and etc... I’ve noticed when browsing through profiles that most women are young. I’m 56 years old and most of the ladies are 15-20 years younger than me. But that did not stop me from getting in contact with the ladies.
    Some never responded and some did. One woman stood out the most. I’ve corresponded with her through AFA. She’s 33 years old and from Bangkok, Thailand. Despite our age and cultural differences, I am able to relate with her and enjoy my time writing to her. It’s been months since we started exchanging letters and we’ve started to establish a relationship.
    At first, I worried that the 2-decade age gap would make it impossible for things to progress. A lot of people gave me the cold shoulder because of our age-gap and my kids aren’t really happy about it at first. But because they can tell that I’m happy, they’ve accepted my relationship with her.
    ... View Full Text

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