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  • lucky35  2017-12-13 05:02

    Meeting a woman in Dominican Republic

    I’ve been a member of A Foreign Affair for over a full year now. I’ve been corresponding with few girls. I haven’t joined any singles tour yet either. The girl that really caught my interest is from the Dominican Republic, her name is Keila.
    I’m older than her by 10 years and she’s an amazing girl.
    I’ve only had an interest in exchanging letters with her. I’ve decided that it won’t hurt to finally meet in person.
    I’ve decided to talk to her about it and she’s really happy. I’ve booked my ticket for the Christmas so we can spend it together because.I think it would be very romantic.
    But there are things I’d like to know…
    I’ll be meeting her parents and siblings since she is really close with them. I’m just curious if there is anything that I should do or bring for them?
    What is a customary thing to do in instances like this when it comes to Dominicans? I’m coming as a prospective husband for their daughter in their understanding and that’s fine with me since that’s ... View Full Text
  • lucky35  2017-12-11 01:33

    Finding love as I explore Cebu, Philippines

    I’m a travel enthusiast. I love exploring new places and write all about it. I love meeting new people, experiencing new culture and traditions. I started imagining how great it would be to travel the world with someone-- a friend, best friend… a lover. I’ve decided to do my own research on the chance of romance when traveling. I continued to search further, sites like A Foreign Affair, Foreign Ladies and LoveMe showed up a lot.
    At first I thought it was about having a romantic tour with your partner and they offer packages in different countries you can choose from... but apparently it is more on “traveling to meet hundreds of women in the duration of the event.”
    Hey! It’s traveling + a chance of finding love! So, the curious me searched more about singles tour and have seen some testimonials. I’ve contacted AFA to inquire more about the nature of their tour. I’m leaning to the fact that this might be the answer.
    I decided to book a package to their next earliest tour which ... View Full Text
  • lucky35  2017-12-7 04:53

    Proposing to my Chinese girlfriend

    I need help! I want to propose to my Chinese girlfriend and her family is quite strict. I learned that there’s a certain tradition when it comes to marriage in Chinese culture… I’m quite overwhelmed but I really want everything to go smoothly.
    I met Chen through A Foreign Affair’s singles tour in Shenzhen, China. We’ve been in a long distance relationship for a year, of course it involved a ton of visits. She visited me and met my parents. I’m glad everyone in my family likes her. When I met her parents it was really awkward. Because her parents can’t really speak English, I like to believe they like me even a little at least.
    I’ve been talking with my friends about proposing and one said there’s a certain way in China. I got curious and started searching. There were things like dowries, which got me bewildered. I know that my girlfriend’s parents are to an extent, strict… but I don’t know if they are still traditional or still follows such practice.
    If I asked Chen that wou ... View Full Text
  • lucky35  2017-11-30 05:51

    Traveling to the Philippines to meet my girlfriend for the first time

    I’ve been dating a Filipina girl named Analyn for 4 months. We met through A Foreign Affair’s site and corresponded there. We are still in the stage of getting to know each other. I think 4 months is long enough to decide to meet in person.
    When I told her that I want to finally meet, she didn’t seem to be excited. She’s open to talking about it and helping me find a good place to stay for my stay. At one point, she even said that it’s alright to postpone my travel. I honestly believe that it’s her way of being considerate… but a part of me feels like she’s stressing about meeting . Maybe, the fact that I’m coming to meet her is a trouble.
    I’d like to hear your thoughts regarding this matter… I really like her and I really see her as someone whom I can definitely settle down with if things work well. But do you guys think I’m rushing it?
  • lucky35  2017-11-28 03:13

    Joining singles tour in Costa Rica

    I have a question to you all… is it good to try joining a tour to Costa Rica using A Foreign Affair’s services?
    I’ve been traveling to Costa Rica at least once or twice a month because of business and I’ve been thinking of moving there. It’s going to be convenient for me since my company is based there… but because I’ve always imagined myself being with a loving american woman I’ve been hesitant on moving since I worry that I might miss the right girl.
    However, I’ve been exposed to Costa Rica women and their culture and tradition and I have started to think that I could definitely settle for one. What I do know is… I want someone to be with me and to love and I believe that being with a “Tica” is a good choice. So, I’ve thought of joining a singles tour to Costa Rica when I stumbled on AFA’s site. I think I’ll be able to completely decide what I really want if I at least try.
    I want to ask if anyone here has ever joined their tours and what it’s like? How does the tour a ... View Full Text
  • lucky35  2017-11-16 04:28

    Misconceptions on Foreign Dating

    Have you thought of dating someone foreign? Enticed by their culture? Unfortunately, a lot of people miss out on the chance of finding their ideal partner due to misconceptions on foreign dating.
    The world today still has uncertainties. It hinders most people in finding a suitable partner. Due to some mainstream media continuously portraying past incidents, some negatives REMAIN.
    The truth on foreign dating is far more positive.
    International dating agencies are reliable and professional.Today's technological advancements, make it DIFFICULT for the most common scams from the past TO SUCCEED.Both men and women around the world have an understanding on the pros and cons of seeking a foreign partner.
    COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS ON FOREIGN DATING… 1. You Can’t Trust International Dating Agencies
    What most don’t understand, is that using international dating agencies are just as secured as paying your bills online.
    Of course, scams can not be eliminated completely. All you have to do is some r ... View Full Text
  • lucky35  2017-11-13 23:53

    I want to join a Singles Tour... I need some advice!

    Does anyone here use international dating sites like A Foreign Affair and Victoria Date? I’m in my 30’s and always been keen to date someone foreign. I’m still young but I want to date someone who has marriage in mind. Most girls in my city would step back at the thought of marriage and my ideal woman has always been someone who’d put their family first.
    I want to have a family before I hit 40. I have a good job that provides a stable income and plan to open my own business. I’m more than capable to have a family at my current state. I want to date someone whom I have a high possibility of marriage with.
    So, I’ve decided to try A Foreign Affair. Browsing through the ladies’ profiles, I can’t help but wonder if this site is legit. The women are all too gorgeous I’m thinking of joining one of the tours to Shenzhen, China. Maybe it’s best to meet the ladies in person first? What do you think? If any of you have tried joining their tour, I would really appreciate it if you could ... View Full Text

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