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  • 奶茶mm章泽天时尚报道,喜欢我的帅哥请鸣锣开道。尽管我最近对奶茶已经没了感觉,但奶茶妹妹的绰号总也摆脱不掉。好在我考上了清华,不用每天再 Reply
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    章泽天 has been either busy or lazy. Nobody knows where she/he has gone. See, 章泽天 is inactive. What a shame.

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王利豪 2012-5-30 16:03
你在清华嘞! 2011的微博.现在 ...  一定不怎么上了博客了吧        不过我还是可以去清华找你。  章泽天   挺你了。
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章泽天 has neither written blogs nor showed her style, so no one wants to visit her/his space.

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